Want In-N-Out in NYC? Here’s the Next Best Thing …


Craving the two beef patties, melted cheese and crisp lettuce of In-N-Out’s famous Double-Double? Too bad, because the regional chain hasn’t made it past Texas. In the meantime, you can get this faithful facsimile, which, while not exactly the same, should partly satiate any In-N-Out cravings you have until you make it out to the West Coast.

The burger is part of the Drive Thru Meal at the new Saul Bolton-led Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, created in honor of the Drive, the absurdly tense new thriller starring Ryan Gosling. It’s not a bad burger; as a longtime consumer of Double-Doubles, I have to say they get the salty, savory beef patties down right. As befits the Brooklyn locavore demographic, the vegetables are a bit fresher and upscale than you’d get at the actual In-N-Out. Also, there is less gloopy, Thousand Island-esque sauce and no high pile of crunchy iceberg lettuce. All of that isn’t so bad when compared with the issue of the bun. The problem is it’s soft and chewy, not griddled crisp like the genuine article.

Not to mention the Drive Thru Meal, consisting of a burger, fries, and soda, is $12, while a similar meal at In-N-Out will cost you under $6. Still, it’s the closest thing you’re going to get to In-N-Out in New York City and it’s also a pretty tasty burger. Get it now before they take it off the menu when Drive leaves the theater. Also, try to eat it a while before the movie starts — there are a few insanely violent scenes where the red stuff oozing everywhere is not Thousand Island dressing.