Japanese Motorcycle is Fueled by Feces; This Shit Might Save the World


In the search for renewable energy, humans have dug through Earth, split atoms, and harnessed the Sun. Have we been flushing the solution to our fuel problems all along? Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto, creators of this remarkable product, have made a motorized tricycle with a toilet for a seat. As TokyoMango reports, the amazing thing about this machine is that it runs completely on the driver’s feces. Any poop taken on the machine is directly converted into fuel. The bike is driving from the southern tip of Japan to Tokyo to raise awareness for Toto’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. This is the rare instance when someone is told not to go to the bathroom before a long road trip.

The motorcycle departs in six days and the trip is over 600 miles. The journey will take a month, which may not seem efficient compared to more traditional modes of transport. However, combining food breaks and gas stops really must cut down on time.

If successful, this technology could change the world. The key to cutting our dependence on foreign oil may end up relying on foreign food.

Motorcycle that runs on poop to take its debut cross-country journey [TokyoMango via BoingBoing]

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