Legality of Anwar al-Awlaki Killing; Rain Delay for Yankees; Dow Jones Slumps


Justice Department officials have released a statement establishing the legality of the drone strike that killed Anwar al-Awlaki. Al-Awlaki, an al Qaeda leader who was born in New Mexico, was killed in Yemen yesterday in an authorized drone strike. Some questioned the legality of killing an American without trial, but the Washington Post reports the Justice Department released a “secret memo” asserting the acceptability of the attack. “What constitutes due process in this case is a due process in war,” an anonymous official said. [Washington Post]

Heavy rain last night delayed the ALDS matchup between the Yankees and Detroit Tigers. The teams got through one inning, but were forced back into the clubhouses after the weather worsened. Starters C.C. Sabathia and Justin Verlander are scheduled to continue the game tonight, but the forecast is equally dire. Should tonight’s game be cancelled as well, there are whispers of a Sunday double-header to make up for lost time. [NYDN]

The Dow Jones reported a 12% drop for the third-quarter, the Wall Street Journal reports. It is the “biggest quarterly drop since the financial crisis in 2008,” and experts blame, in part, overseas financial shakiness and “concerns over weak Chinese manufacturing data.” [WSJ]

Yesterday, a handgun was found near the Capitol in Washington, D.C., Politico reports. No one was around the gun and officials have not said whether or not it was loaded. The incident came after reports that “a man armed with an assault rifle” was roaming the Georgetown Law Center, but those reports were said to be based on “bad info.” [Politico]

Rain is forecasted all day, with a high in the mid-sixties. [TWC]

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