Another Rave For My Book!


Writes Jed Ryan:

“Loaded with an infinite number of priceless zingers, Fork … is the equivalent of the cocktail hour at a gay wedding, where Tony award winners and aging Hollywood legends mix with go-go boys, porn stars, and self-aggrandizing pseudo-celebs.

“As we all know, the cocktail hour is always more fun than the long, boring sit-down dinner anyway, especially with Michael Musto as host.”

Gosh, thanks for coming!

Riveting Ryan also had this to say:

“Musto’s book drops more celebrities’ names than Jackie Collins synthetically injects into her new novel.

“But while Collins’ latest book forces a character to say heavy-handed lines like, ‘Do you think Chace Crawford will be there?’ in an effort to sound very ‘2011,’ Musto was likely at that A-list club while Crawford was engaged in some behavior that’s, shall we say, NOT A-list.

“Michael Musto is one of the only journalists, incidentally, who could mention Chace Crawford and Joan Crawford in the same column and make it work.”

Not to mention Broderick Crawford!

Thanks, Jed!

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