A Candlelight Vigil Will Be Held at Ray’s on Tuesday in Memory of Bob Arihood


Last, night, handmade signs and lit candles outside of Ray’s alerted passersby on Avenue A that there had been a loss in the neighborhood family. Following the untimely death of 65-year-old East Villager, photographer, and blogger Bob Arihood, both personal friends and those who simply knew him by his considerable work (see Neither More Nor Less and Nadie Se Conoce) have made their sadness known. Lindsay Wengler, who met Arihood recently at Ray’s and instantly connected with him, joining him in wandering photography ventures around Manhattan, has, along with Shawn Chittle, planned a vigil for Tuesday night at 8 p.m. outside of Ray’s, between 7th and 8th Streets on Avenue A. Wengler told us, “Bob was always kind of a fixture at Ray’s. That’s where I met him. I went for an egg cream and met him and didn’t want to go home. He was just captivating and interesting.”

“We hadn’t known each other for very long, but when we met we kind of clicked,” she said. “We’d go on walks and take photos; we’d wander around Manhattan and take pictures together. He knew so much about photography and everything else in general. It’s really great to have a partner in crime that way. He’s such a genius and a great guy, he was always surprised so many people knew who he was. He really had no idea what an amazing person he was. ”

Wengler and Chittle ask that people bring candles, photos, pictures of Bob, pictures of his work, and things to remember him by to add to the makeshift memorial outside of Ray’s on Tuesday night, “to show the neighborhood what he meant to us” in a celebration of his life. Also, “We hope they buy something from Ray.”

Via EV Grieve, they are also giving Ray a framed portrait of Bob “so he’s always watching over Ray.”

As Wengler writes on her blog, “Never thought in a million years going for an egg cream at Ray’s could change my life forever.”

Update: There will also be a gathering at Lucy’s, at 135 Ave. A between St. Mark’s Place and 9th Street, at 7 p.m. tonight. We’re told by Bob’s longtime friend Jefferson Siegel, “We might make our way down to Ray’s at 8, but the old-timers who knew Bob for years will start at Lucy’s.” There may also be a memorial this weekend. We’ll update as we have more.

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