Astor Place Cube Now Ready For Winter Thanks to Olek


Yarn artist Olek frequently covers bikes and cars in colorful crocheted coats — she even made us a present once! Sometimes her projects are even more ambitious than that, like the time that she made the Wall Street bull a new coat. Now that the weather’s growing colder, Olek’s gotten even more ambitious: over the weekend she made a covering for the Astor Place cube.

Olek told us the name of the piece is “I’m still proud to say what i do for a living.” She said “i’ve finished it at 5am.. going to take a nap.” She got it on the cube in about 20 minutes and video of that process is forthcoming. She says the cube coat is her response to Wall Street.

We haven’t gotten a chance to check out the cube’s new outfit yet but hopefully it stays up for a while.

[found via Bowery Boogie]

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