Del Frisco’s Grille’s Scott Kroener Dishes His Tips for the Perfect Steak


The steak chain Del Frisco’s made its debut this summer in Rockefeller Center with Del Frisco’s Grille. Instead of a traditional recipe this week, we tapped the restaurant’s executive chef, Scott Kroener, for some of his best-kept secrets to cooking the perfect steak.

“When it comes to preparing steak, I categorically prefer everything on the bone,” says Kroener. “My favorite cut is the rib eye because of its flavorful marbling and texture. Two key steps for me are to always generously season the steak with fresh black pepper and kosher salt, and to sear the steak on extremely high heat. Cooking the steak on high heat gives that crust and caramelization that provides intense flavor. Once you bite into the steak, you get that excellent texture contrast from the crunchy sear and the luscious rare meat on the inside.”

The Perfect Steak Tips
by Scott Kroener of Del Frisco’s Grille

1. Find a reliable source to purchase good quality beef from. Make friends with the butcher and discuss his recommendations for various cuts he would cook.

2. Let your steak come to room temperature before introducing the steak to a heat source. When a cold protein initially comes in contact with a high-heat source, the protein constricts yielding and tough piece of meat.

3. Season your steak generously with kosher salt and black pepper before cooking. The salt and pepper will aid in bringing out the natural flavors of the steak.

4. Preheat your grill prior to cooking to ensure the proper searing of the steak. This ensures that surface sugars are caramelized, adding complexity to your steak, as well as sealing in the juices of the steak itself.

5. After cooking a steak to your desired temperature, let it rest and let the blood come back to the center. Notice when you cook and immediately slice a steak that you end up with the blood exiting the steak quickly, leaving the steak dry and flavorless.

6. Lastly, finish your steak by brushing it with a bit of melted butter to take the edge off the seasoning as well as adding a slight richness to the steak.

7. Plate with your favorite side and enjoy!