Dina Martina Is The Queena The Scene-a


The most original drag queen working in America today, Dina Martina is a master comic with steamrollered-on red lipstick, a single epaulet attached to a bare shoulder, and a voice that can jump octaves, sound phlegmy, and purposely mispronounce words as she gives “jifts” to an audience member after talking about her “ador-AH-blah” daughter with the goiter she ended up using as a piñata.

Despite my valiant attempts at description, you can’t really sum this gal up on paper except to say she delivers surreally funny, otherworldly goods in a way all the lipsynch-to-Britney queens can only dream about.

Dina — who swept in from Seattle for a Laurie Beechman Theatre gig that just ended (she’ll be back) — loves to gamely apply Sound of Music lyrics to rock songs or show deftly edited filmed segments in which she’s seen orgiastically writhing around and giving historic presidential speeches, with The Captain & Tennille looming scarily in the background.

And don’t even ask about the off-kilter Disney number or the tales of eating Monte Cristo sandwiches with Vicki Carr in that hub of “show biddness,” Las Vegas. You haven’t been this delightfully disturbed since you were a kid and a clown did shtick in your face.

Dina’s audiences usually have to be rushed to the hospital afterward because (a) they’re horrified and (b) they laughed so hard their sides ache.

“Stop the world, I want to get on, ” Dina declared at one poignant point in the evening.

I’d rather jump over to her planet.

She’s really got a jift.

Here are Fierth magazine’s photos from that night:

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