Jill Abramson’s ‘Puppy Diaries’: We’ve Got an Advance Copy


Jill Abramson, executive editor of the New York Times, is a huge dog lover. How huge? She blogged about her adorable golden retriever puppy Scout on and she’s coming out with a book this month, The Puppy Diaries: Raising a Dog Named Scout, also known as Jill Abramson’s God Damn Puppy Book. It’s the best vanity project of 2011(it was even printed by Times Books!) and we’ve gotten our hands on an advance copy. John Koblin made some observations last week, but we’ll go ahead and publish a paragraph or two ourselves. A caveat: this is an advance reader’s copy; the final version may be different.

On Maureen Dowd’s taste in gift-giving:

Even after Buddy died, people who didn’t know me especially well kept sending me Westie gifts. Recently, I had tearfully opened a set of Westie coasters and then a white bar of soap in the shape of a Westie. So when I returned to my desk someday and found a package from the columnist Maureen Dowd, I worried that it, too, would contain more Buddy stuff. Instead, the box contained a ceramic plate with a golden retriever puppy painted on it. I displayed Maureen’s gift in a place of honor, and now all the white in my office could begin to turn golden — on my shelf as well as inside my heart.

On Abramson’s being “hell-bent” on getting her puppy through kindergarten:

As Diane’s classes continued, I found myself, once again, immersed in the early education of a family member. Scout made rapid progress, and at some point I admitted to myself that I was hell-bent for my brilliant pup to earn her American kennel Club basic puppy manners certificate. As part of a generation obsessed with getting our kids into the right schools, I recognized that I was taking these puppy classes a little too seriously. But when Diane told me, “Scout is trying so hard to be a good dog, and I’m sure she’ll get her certificate,” parents everywhere would have appreciated the mixture of pride and relief I felt. And luckily for Henry and me, after Scout passed kindergarten we wouldn’t have to worry about her getting into college.

On the ease with which the puppy could get Abramson and her husband to applaud:

After we got home and carried her out of the car, Scout padded onto our lawn. Halfway to the door, she squatted to pee. We clapped in jubilation, and we could scarcely believe our good fortune when she repeated the same routine a few hours later.

The thing is? It’s totally going to be a bestseller.

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