UrbanBaby Moms Weigh In On Occupy Wall Street: ‘The Protesters Are a Bunch of Idiots’


Finally, moms on smug-parenting site UrbanBaby are speaking out on the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests. The discussion thread we looked at today starts out like this: “I hate that I’m too much of a p*ssy to actually occupy Wall Street with the rest of the 99%. Finally, people are standing up for themselves and starting a revolution, but people like me are too lazy and afraid to join them. WTF?”

The original poster continues:

“I thought about going, but then I realized that I am part of the problem – employed by large corporation, and earning more than 99%. I still identify with the middle class, but I guess I’m really not.”

Almost self-aware!

There are also some surprisingly fringe-y opinions:

“the protesters are a bunch of idiots. they are protesting the wrong thing. Non capitalist policies of the US have destroyed America. We are not capitalist anymore, nor have we been for a long time.”

And obviously there is the “dirty hippies” poster (emphasis mine):

I find it hard to view the protesters as noble or effective. They are disorganized. They barely even have a clear agenda and many do not want to define one. The issues they have defined are so obvious and vague, that it is no more effective than saying, “I want to end world hunger.” ( ). Not to mention they have thrown in various clear political agendas. To me they are just the flip side of the Tea Party. They appear to be having a grand time playing music and surfing the net on their laptops. Not exactly the picture of the downtrodden masses. If you “are the 99%,” have huge loans, and no job – wouldn’t your time be better spent WORKING? Yes, I get that they might not be able to get the job they want, but take some personal responsiblity. Work at McDonalds or Duane Reade if you truly need money. The growing wealth divide is only going to get worse if OWS protesters represent the (lack of) work ethic and entitlement of our future.

In other news from the website we love to troll, apparently someone’s gross husband is taking surreptitious photos of Park Slope moms’ cleavage on the train, but it’s their fault: “If you don’t want people looking at your cleavage, don’t show your cleavage.” Other topics of discussion today include “Hey working moms: I don’t want to socialize with your nanny.”

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