Astor Place Cube Falls Victim to Sweater Thief


Even though the weather is clearly the sweater-kind now, some meanie has quickly cut Olek’s crochetwork from the Astor Place cube. Yesterday morning it looked like this, cozy and covered…but shortly thereafter, it was this “deconstructed” look, via @artobserved:

Which seems sad. Who was the sweater hurting, really? Meanwhile, those plastic ties on lightposts — a/k/a “Flaming Cactus” — are still alive and well.

Olek is currently traveling but we’ve contacted her to see if she’s planning a new sweater — or payback of any sort.


From Olek:


i know… another man with scissors!

i can only say: “Plum blossom is beautiful. Blossom is Temporary”

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