Celebrate National Taco Day With A Brand-New Round Of Album Tacos


As part of this country’s apparently recent Let’s Celebrate Each Foodstuff Available For Consumption One Day At A Time initiative—one that’s helped along promotion-wise by things like, say, blogs looking for news hooks on which they can peg content—today is National Taco Day, a day to celebrate things being wrapped in tortillas and seasoned with cilantro, onions, etc. etc. (Just none of that from-a-packet stuff, OK? It’s loaded with sodium!) In honor of this momentous holiday, the folks behind the blog Album Tacos—which takes boring old album covers and spices them up with deliciousness (well, and Photoshop)—put up a slew of new entries worth your perusal/appetite-stoking this afternoon, including entries from Jawbreaker, Lady Gaga, and Duran Duran. (Also: Poor Fergie.) Mmmm. Who wants to order in?


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