Chris Christie: ‘It Did Not Feel Right to Me in My Gut’ to Run for Prez


In a non-shocking un-turn of events today, Chris Christie announced today that he will continue to not be running for president. In the process, he set himself up for some truly unfortunate fat jokes. He told everyone to get the hell off the beach made a wisecrack or two about his non-campaign: “New Jersey, whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with me,” he said.

But then he referenced his proverbial gut and we’re surprised we haven’t seen more mean-spirited jokes about it?

“It did not feel right to me, in my gut, to leave now when the job here was not finished,” he said.

Nooooooo! Why did you say gut? No one in America is mature enough to deal with that. We’re of the opinion that fat jokes about Chris Christie are tasteless and mean — not to mention totally divorced from any informed criticism of his politics — and this is just leaving the door wide open for them.

On the other hand, Christie should be free to reference his gut without fear of retribution. Sadly, we’re actually thinking about this.

Now that Christie’s out (he was never in), whose gut will Repubs follow?


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