Junior Vasquez, Happy Birthday!


This Saturday, October 8, at District 36, legendary DJ Junior Vasquez celebrates his 62nd birthday, a perfect chance for me to hit up the honorary Latino with some highly danceable questions about how he’s kept flourishing after all these years and how the club scene has changed.

His answers:

“First thing, I would love to see you at my birthday party. Don’t worry, you can check your bike in the DJ booth 🙂 The event will be amazing. I am currently working on some great remixes from The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, and a lot of my own productions and of course my re-worked timeless hits as well.

“District 36 has one of the best sound systems I have played on in years, Gary Stewart has done an amazing job and Damien Distasio has built a great dance club. It’s reminiscent of the Factory and the Palladium; it’s a true dance club.

“As far as what keeps a DJ so hot for so many years, well I have to say the supporters out there around the world that buy my music and keep my name, Junior Vasquez, alive.

“I’m not one to talk about myself and my DJing. I have had my moments everyone knows but I have learned how to keep true to a craft that I love and I wish at the age of 62 to keep playing as long as I can stand and without compromising myself. It’s definitely my supporters I would like to thank and I’m sure other DJs would say the same as well.

“Another way I like to stay ahead of the game is just to try something different all the time, whether it’s bringing in a Samantha Ronson to play a set before me or having a Tracy Young or even breaking new artists. It’s a funky twist to what I do or just to be open to what is fresh these days.

“Michael, as for your 2nd question, how has the club scene changed over the years?
The club scene has changed so much in this year and so many years prior as well. I must say the best times were at the Paradise Garage, The Sound Factory, The Palladium (Arena). I feel like it was just a big fun party with the art, fashion, gay, straight, transsexual, and everyone that wanted to have fun in that world.

“This year it’s all about models and bottles, plus a person’s bank account and how many bottles someone can buy, which is so not my style. I would rather have a cool house crowd that is all about the music on the dance floor because I get my energy from them.

“I do wish that at one point whether I’m here or not, it all comes back around. Just today I found a few pieces from my old friend Keith Haring and it has brought back so many memories from the old days. With all this being said, I can’t wait to have those supporters at my birthday party at District 36 turning out on the dance floor. I promise it will be something to talk about for a long time to come. I wish to this day I could still play 18-hour sets but with all the 5AM closing of the clubs, it’s sad and unfortunate.

“I want to say thanks to District 36 for that amazing space to have my birthday and also Cesar Gallindo the creative director, plus re-uniting Kevin Aviance and myself this will be amazing. Once again, hope to see you soon.

“Thank you,
Junior Vasquez”

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