Whoopi Goldberg Breaks Broadway Record


When it was announced that Ghost the musical would come to Broadway, hot on the heels of the current Sister Act, I realized, “That’s two musicals based on Whoopi Goldberg movies!”

Then I murmured to myself, “They should do a musical of The Color Purple, too.”

And then I brilliantly realized, “They did!”

So that makes three Broadway musicals based on Whoopi flicks. (And yes, I know Purple was a book first.)

That has to be a record.

The only one I can think of who comes close is Julie Andrews, with two toe-tapping adaptations of films she starred in (Victor/Victoria and Thoroughly Modern Millie).

Oh, wait — I forgot Mary Poppins!

So Whoopi and Julie are in a dead heat for the top slot of this queen-of-the-adaptations battle.

To jump ahead, Whoopi obviously needs to launch even more musicals based on stuff.

How about singing and dancing versions of Boys on the Side, the Friars roast, and The View?

I’d so be there.

But hold on to your Playbills.

Someone’s just reminded me that Whoopi’s voice was in The Lion King. Even in 3-D.

That’s four for Whoopi. We have a winner!

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