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Dog Deathly Afraid of Julia Roberts | Village Voice


Dog Deathly Afraid of Julia Roberts


In stark contrast with the man covered in Julia Roberts tattoos, this dog simply cannot bear the sight of the Pretty Woman star. Wonder how he’d react to Richard Gere?

The YouTube poster writes:

So we’re sitting back watching TV when I see my dog flip out over something he saw on the pages of brides magazine (which I was reading at the time)….low and behold….a picture of Julie Roberts just so happened to be scare my dog…….I told my fiance who was sitting right next to me, and he told me to grab the camera to film it.So I did, and we posted to friends and family alike (P.S. THAT IS NOT A TOWEL HE’S WEARING…IT IS A THROW BLANKET)

Phew! Not a towel.

[via Reddit]

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