Sexy Jeffrey Eugenides Billboard: Mystery Solved


via @peterlattman

The smoldering glamour shot of Middlesex author Jeffrey Eugenides in Times Square left a lot of people scratching their heads. Not because it’s not awesome, but because it’s almost too awesome. Since when do people who aren’t reality TV stars or professional athletes get to be on billboards? Gives us hope for the current state of American culture.

Now WSJ has gotten to the bottom of the Eugenides billboard, which was made to advertise the author’s new The Marriage Plot:

“I go back to the flinty Roger Straus days, when FSG wouldn’t run so much as an ad in the [New York Times] Book Review,” Eugenides told the Journal. “So when they said they [publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux] were putting up a billboard in Times Square, I figured I should keep my mouth shut.”

Sculptor Karen Yamauchi, Eugenides’ wife, reportedly art-directed the Indiana Jones-style photo shoot. No word on how much it cost.

[via WSJ]

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