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From singing kooky songs about cats to blowing away audiences with his Velvet Underground covers to mixing opera with blues, Joseph Keckler is not an easy man to pin down. And, of course, we would have him no other way. Tonight, the talented singer/storyteller is back at Joe’s Pub, premiering new material that he recently performed on tour in Amsterdam from a show called A Voice and Nothing More. Billing this evening as a “Midnight Mass,” he’ll get you in the mood for Halloween with haunting songs about ghost towns and bad weather and an original recitative and aria based on hallucinations he once had in which he believed he was possessed by demons. Keckler, who will play piano, will be joined by Dan Bartfield on violin and Mike Hanf on percussion for what should be a spooky good time.

Sat., Oct. 15, 11:59 p.m., 2011