April Bloomfield Gets the Vice Munchies Treatment


Perhaps you’ve heard of April Bloomfield? The no-nonsense chef takes a break from running the Spotted Pig, Breslin, and John Dory to go on a joyride with some her food-industry friends in the latest from Vice‘s “Munchies” series. First, though, she talks with business partner Ken Friedman about whether or not Jamie Oliver called him “thick” or a “twat” before telling him to recruit April. Oh, memories. So where does the night take our culinary heroes?

First they take a little trip across the East River to Rucola in Cobble Hill. Then it’s back to the Breslin to make the ultimate nightcap, chicken liver on toast. She finishes the night with a game of beer pong because her life is like 1,000 times cooler than yours.

We’re totally digging these videos, but we definitely know who we want Vice to trail next:
Do or Dine’s profane Justin Warner, the only man who has made nachos out of gyoza. If that doesn’t fit Vice‘s stoner demographic, we don’t know what does.