Barbara Stanwyck Kicked Linda Evans In The Ass


And it was for her own good.

Let me explain.

After shooting the immortal Beach Blanket Bingo, Linda Evans got a breakthrough role in the 1960s TV western The Big Valley, way before she struck gold on Dynasty.

Immediately, Valley‘s star, Hollywood icon Barbara Stanwyck, took Evans under her wisdom-drenched wing and gave her invaluable guidance.

Once, when Linda wasn’t quite getting a particular scene, “Missy” Stanwyck pulled the blond neophyte aside and told her to enter the scene with presence.

After a few more bad takes, Evans tried again.

As Evans writes in her new book, Recipes for Life:

“I opened the door and started into the room.

“Then Missy gave me a swift kick in the butt, propelling me ahead of her with such force that I delivered my lines with a sudden vitality.

“As if she hadn’t just booted me, Missy entered and said her lines with her usual perfection.”

After the director happily yelled “Cut! Print!” Missy turned to Linda and said, “That’s what I mean by presence.”

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