Occupy Wall Street Posters Get Artist Revamp, and Further Branding Strides for the Movement


Jay Shells, the artist behind the Metropolitan Etiquette Authority and the subway etiquette posters against nail clipping, eating, and other public transit no-nos, has some new artwork. He’s designed a line of posters for Occupy Wall Street protesters, with half written by him and the other half written by @blulaces. He says, “I don’t have the time to dedicate to actually being down there as much as many of the protesters, but wanted to participate. This is an opportunity for all artists/graphic designers/copywriters to use their skills to help a great cause.”

Along with the artistic touch of Shells, Occupy Wall Street is undergoing further brand maintenance. They’ve got a PR firm, and they also have a new hashtag, the space-saving #OWS instead of #occupywallstreet. (This comes amid accusations that Twitter is censoring #occupywallstreet. Twitter has denied that charge.)

The signs look pretty sharp, we have to say. Shells sent us some photos from yesterday:

Philip Winn

Other slogans include “Dear 1%, We Fell Asleep for a While. Just Woke Up. Sincerely, the 99%,” “99% Fed Up (because the) 1% F’D Up!” and “Koch, the Cause of a Doomed Generation.”

“I’m just doing what feels right, giving them more tools to get the message out,” Shells told us. He says he can be reached via Twitter (@JayShells) if anyone wants the poster files for download.

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