The Sons Of Tennessee Williams Opens Tomorrow


No, the brilliant playwright didn’t have children, unless you count Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski (and I do).

But his work and spirit have long loomed over the gay inhabitants of New Orleans, as captured in a new documentary opening tomorrow at the Quad.

The doc remembers back to the time when just putting your hand on a same-sex person’s knee could land you in jail, especially if the same-sex person was a cop.

It also documents the incredibly creative gay community that arose in the face of this oppression, everyone dressing in full drag with skyscraping headdresses as they launched the eye-popping tradition known as the gay Mardi Gras.

The movie is very sweet as it captures the heart and soul of what has become a sort of Boys Gone Wild as Girls parade.

Do Papa Tennessee a favor.

Put on your Sunday clothes, top them off with three layers of feathers and bugle beads, and check out this movie’s look at a class menagerie.

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