To Hell With Pot Brownies, Marijuana-Infused Wine Is Where It’s At


The days of pot brownies might be numbered. According to Gourmet Live, the cool thing to do with your weed these days is to infuse liquid extracts of cannabis into wine and beer. Personally, we had always been under the impression that it was best to add cannabis to items that had some sort of oil or butter in the mix, since THC is a fat-soluble compound and steeping in plain liquid is an inefficient way of maximizing the plant’s effects. But apparently nothing tastes better than marijuana chicken broth with a nasturtium chiffonade!

The story notes that boutique brewers have been known to use cannabis tincture and plant matter to create THC-infused beer, and certain American producers make brews with denatured hemp seeds. They claim that it adds a toasty flavor to the beer, but really, everyone knows hemp is just a marketing ploy to lure in the hippies. But now producers are making digestif-esque, Fernet-style wines amped up with weed, ranging “in style and intensity as broadly as ‘normal’ wines and winemakers do.” Cannabis cocktails like the bloody Maryjane have even come into play, thanks to the use of cannabis tinctures. Looks like pharmacology might be the new mixology.