Voyeuristic Commuters With Cell Phone Cameras, There’s a Website for You!


Are you dashingly handsome, the type that everyone assumes, immediately, must be a model, or maybe a professional athlete? Are you well-dressed, or perhaps sweatily clad, so coming from your athletic endeavors, and, yet, that is only a benefit to your fine self? Are you a person who takes the subway? Someone is probably taking your picture! (Maybe you are taking your own picture!) The Daily News has discovered, which they dub the “racy new website” that “has straphangers snapping photos of ‘hot guys’ on the subway.” Oh, you straphangers!

The site has been around since June and is a version of a British site, It is about, says its founder, Stephen Notion, “admiring hot guys.” And, so, New York women (and men) take pictures of New York men, just going about their business and commuting, and then they submit them for the Internet world to see, with descriptions of which train the hotties were photographed on, who submitted the pic, and a cleverish little caption to go with it. All in fun, right?

Not everyone thinks it’s so great, though, and there are the expected complaints of “This is creepy,” and “I don’t want my picture taken,” though, since it’s all done rather sneakily, the victim model might never know in the first place. (There’s a link to request removal on the site, should you find yourself there and object.) As for the site’s premise, feel free to enter into the usual arguments about privacy, and objectification, and the right and wrong things to do on the subway…but, perhaps most concerning of all are those left behind. What of those who won’t ever be photographed, because they are not, by any conventional depiction, “hot”? What of those who will, in a wave of self-hatred and shame, force themselves to return to the site, day in and day out, maybe even hourly, or in 5-minute intervals, refreshing repeatedly, desperately hoping to see themselves in pixilated, grainy form, desperately wishing to find themselves described as “hunky,” or, dare to dream, “tingle-worthy” by someone? What of those who will, forever, fail?

We weep for those people, who should obviously return to loitering on Craigslist Missed Connections. Less pressure. Or check out this handy site,!

To everyone else: Stop taking surreptitious pictures of people on the subway. If you insist on doing so, please adjust the settings on your camera. We’re tired of gazing at hot dudes through your bleary lens.

Subway hunks featured in cheeky website with straphanger submitted photos [NYDN]


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