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Who In History Would You Like To Interview?


At a Friars Club tribute to Bob Woodruff the other night, a panel of TV journalists was asked that very question.

One replied Sandy Koufax because the famed pitcher was so inspirational and also has never talked much to press, so it would be a big “get.”

Another remarked that Walter Cronkite always wished he could have interrogated Columbus and Magellan (above) to get to the heart of their explorational wizardry.

And yet another journo said meeting Paul McCartney was the thrill of a lifetime, and the Beatle was charming, signing an autograph like a Liverpudlian delight.

(Take note, Scorsese. Can a very long documentary on Sir Paul be far behind?)

Who would I pick? Well, if we’re talking anyone living or dead, I’d probably say Kathy Griffin.

And amazingly, my wish has come true! This week’s column is a hilarious interview with just that very person!

How about you?

Magellan or McCartney?

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