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Bulldogs Don’t Fly Commercial


You might think a bulldog has the best life ever, being adorable and frequently stopped on streets to be gazed at and pet by adoring masses, and also getting its poop picked up by its owner whenever necessary, and not even having to work a 9 to 5 or 8 to 10 job…a bulldog is in the business of simply being a bulldog, right? But before you brush off the life of a bulldog as easy, privileged, bourgeois, and not even a struggle at all, know this: Bulldogs are not allowed to fly on many planes. They have, in fact, been banned. This makes jet-setting difficult!

Why the bulldog ban? This is because brachycephalic breeds (among them, American, English, and French bulldogs, and Persian and Himalayan cats, too) are prone to have trouble breathing, made worse by heat and stress, and many have died in flight.

The New York Times reports:

Many airlines now forbid brachycephalic breeds, also known as short-faced or snub-nosed dogs, from their planes. That has caused great inconvenience for the owners of the affected dogs, which include popular breeds like pugs and bulldogs, but has opened a niche for a few companies that cater specifically to pet travel.

American Airlines, Delta, United, and Continental all have bans on bulldogs. You could still fly your bulldog in cargo on Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and Sun Country, but knowing all this, how could you?

Owners can instead charter their dogs (and cats) on flights like those run by Pet Jets, which might cost $840 for a one-way cross-country ticket. Or just stay at home and go to the park. Your bulldog deserves the best!

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