Celebs Who Are Only Children: Here’s The List


I always assumed I was the only Italian-American only child in creation — those people tend to procreate a lot — but it turns out Al Pacino is one, too!

I’m not alone!

And I did a little research (and glanced at Us magazine) and found some other famous folk who have gone through life without siblings:

Selena Gomez

Daniel Radcliffe

Chelsea Clinton

Brooke Shields

Natalie Portman

Lea Michele

Barry Manilow

Bethenny Frankel

Charlize Theron

Adrien Brody

Carol Burnett

Samuel L. Jackson

Charlton Heston

Russell Brand

Frank Sinatra

Jack Nicholson

James Earl Jones

Robert Englund

Robin Williams

Tiger Woods

That’s a weird mix of child stars, closet cases, Oscar winners, manic comedians, gun enthusiasts, people who play serial killers, and real-life serial adulterers.

Can anyone make sense out of the list other than to say that, like me, these people clearly felt they were the center of the world and as a result became striving workaholics hell-bent on success?

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