David Huber, Pissed Off Would Be Apartment Owner, Protests Corcoran (VIDEO)


David Huber, a would be first time apartment owner, took to the streets of Fort Greene today to stage his own one man demonstration against real estate giant Corcoran, complete with banners, signs and easels.

When we first saw Huber setting up from afar, we (like others we spoke to) mistakenly thought Fort Greene was getting it’s first local chapter of Occupy Wall Street.

Instead, it turns out, Huber was outside of Corcoran’s tony Lafayette Avenue offices because he felt screwed when Corcroan “actively marketed this [apartment] to me” which turned out not to have a Certificate of Occupancy and wasn’t legally inhabitable.

Huber says that, legally, Corcoran isn’t at fault. But he’s hoping to shame them into not simply walking away from the deal once it turned bad.

“I’m hoping to put pressure on Corcoran to resolve problems, rather than defer them to lawyers, and to put pressure on them to negotiate this deal and to bring it to a close without there being a lawsuit.”

Another goal, he says, is to connect with people in the neighborhood and simply talk to them about their experiences with real estate agents. In the hour we spent with him, many people were stopping and openly swapping real estate broker horror stories.

Here’s Huber chatting up Fort Greene powerhouse activst Maisha Morales, a board member of Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE).

Huber said people from the Corcoran office came out to take cell phone pictures of him but otherwise did not engage him. Traffic cops seemed to take some notice that one of his banners was tied to a parking meter, but left him alone.

Huber plans to set up outside of several Corcoran open house properties in Fort Greene this weekend. Asked for a statement about Huber’s claims and signs, a secretary at the front desk of the Corcoran office called her boss and said that “there is no statement at this time.”

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