New York

Do You Have A Backup Plan?


At the rate the economy’s going, might it not be wise to start thinking about alternate ways to make money, not to mention a whole new possible line of work in case your current career happens to fall sewer-ward?

Would the above role be a comfortable fit?

Not hot or tough enough for that particular lifestyle?

Well, you (and I) had better come up with something!

The problem is that most people don’t happen to have any other skills aside from the ones they’ve worked on all their lives.

You can’t suddenly pick up tongs and become a neurosurgeon or walk into the cockpit and fly a plane across the Atlantic.

I don’t even want to go into the plane as a passenger!

And you can even forget last-resort positions, like burger flipper at McDonalds or dopey greeter at Kmart.

Even they won’t hire someone old!

So what’s your plan gonna be?

And don’t say, “Falling back on daddy’s millions like I’ve always done,” because I will want to wring your little neck.

See all the rest of y’all on the highway.

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