Ever See An Oldies Act That Still Rocked?


I did!

Earlier this year, I was at a gala dinner at a hotel ballroom and in the entertainment portion of the evening, out came Jay Black from the 1960s group Jay & The Americans.

They had huge hits way back when with pop records like “Only in America,” “Come a Little Bit Closer,” “Cara Mia,” and “This Magic Moment.”

We’re talking major shit.

Well, the Americans must have been overseas this night because this was Jay Black with a whole other bunch of musicians.

Actually, I later did some research and found that Jay — real name David Blatt — went bankrupt at one point and had to sell his ownership of the group’s name. But he still tours as Jay Black and sings the familiar hits.

And he was amazing!

The man, who’s now 72, was in flawless voice, with pipes worthy of the Metropolitan Opera House, I swear!

He can really boom it out with no sign of wear and tear at all.

Whitney Houston he ain’t! This man can sing better than ever!

And he had a great, off-the-cuff sense of humor that was endearingly self-deprecating, resulting in lots of laughs and bravos.

After having seen so many beaten-down, worn-out, gargle-voiced oldies acts, this was truly an inspiration.

I am no longer afraid of getting older — or of seeing performers who’ve done so.

But does Gary Puckett sound that good today?

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