Linda Evans Talks About That Rock Hudson Kiss–And How She Dated A Gay!


In her new book, Recipes for Life: My Memories, Linda Evans describes how to make stuff like muffins and artichoke dip, as well as offering biographical chapters with titles like “Nearly Disappearing Into a Black Hole” and “Tuna Meltdown.”

But she also reminisces about the famous time Rock Hudson kissed her on Dynasty in 1984.

“Instead of passionately kissing me,” writes Linda, “Rock just barely brushed his lips over mine and then backed away.”

They tried it again and again, but Rock did the same evasive thing every time.

In desperation, the director then asked Linda to try to make the kiss more passionate, but she says, “I explained that I couldn’t without compromising Krystle’s character.”

(That’s true. The Carrington lady always seemed rather Darvoned out.)

They reshot the scene weeks later, but the very same thing happened. Rock wouldn’t really kiss her!

And then the news broke that Rock had AIDS, and it became clear why Rock wasn’t going there (though that kind of thing is not now known to be a serious risk factor).

“In retrospect,” Evans writes, “it was incredibly touching how hard he tried to protect me.”

Great guy.

On a separate note, here’s one more bit of gossip from the book:

Richard Chamberlain and I dated on and off over the years.”

Huh? He probably didn’t kiss her too hard either.