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New York City for Nerds: The Ultimate Map


Our friends at BuzzFeed have created a map for nerds — “The Ultimate Nerd Guide To New York City” — drawing on the combined knowledge of the nerd collaborative, a/k/a, the Internet. They’re calling it “a guide to New York City that’s actually useful for once,” and, truly, it is kind of special. We are excited to see multiple Ghostbuster‘s locations, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s headquarters, and Mario’s Plumbing, among other important spots. We talked to Jack Shepherd, the editorial mastermind behind Nerd Guide (and BuzzFeed’s Community Manager).

What was the inspiration for the map?
The idea came because I had a friend who was visiting me last week, and I was trying to figure out what to take him to see. What he wanted to see was the location of Steven King’s Dark Tower. From that sprung the idea that there could be a whole guide of all the esoteric nerdy places in New York. But it became very difficult to figure out all of them! So I did a post asking people to add their own. There was an outpouring of nerdery, and we got great suggestions.

How do people like it so far?
I’m sure that someone’s going to call me out on some terrible sourcing error, but so far people have been kind to it. The reaction has been very positive so far. You never know with nerds!

Are you a nerd?
I mean, probably, right? I took my friend to see a Dark Tower location. I may have to be.

Are you going to add to the map, with more people’s suggestions?
I’ve been kind of wanting to do that — the infographic graph is pretty crowded, but I made a Google map and I’d love to keep updating that. People could come to NYC and actually do this tour.

Have you been to all of the locations?
There are a lot I’ve been to and didn’t realize they had this alternate history to them. Hell’s Kitchen is completely different when you go to a bar there than when you go wanting to see the Daredevil location.* I think I’m going to go to more of the Dark Tower ones. I really am a huge fan of the series.

What did you do at the location you went to with your friend?
We checked in on Foursquare, and then took pictures out in front until a security guard shooed us away.

*This blogger once lived next to an alley in which Daredevil was filmed.

The Ultimate Nerd Guide To New York City [BuzzFeed]


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