Sixpoint Joins Occupy Wall Street, Supplies Protesters With Water


This is what democracy looks like! Pictured is Sixpoint’s Ian McConnell, who is filling up kegs with what the company calls “Sixpoint Lite,” a/k/a clean drinking water. Unlike Liberatos Pizza, which is selling OccuPie pizzas for $15, Sixpoint isn’t looking to make a profit. Instead, president Shane Welch is standing up for the little guy against the Anheuser-Busch InBevs of the world. “As a brewery, some people believe our role should be confined to making beer,” starts Welch’s note on Sixpoint’s Facebook page.

He continues:

But the brewery is not just a collection of tanks, kegs, and equipment — it is comprised of people, and we as individuals live within a community…

Our collective knowledge, creativity, and intellect can be shared, assembled, manufactured, and disseminated at incredible speeds. Why then, has the standard of living continued to drift downward for the vast majority of people?

Perhaps that is the question we should be asking. While people ask themselves this question, one thing we will be doing though is helping out the cause by sending in some kegs to the protesters. Haha, send in beer you say? No, those kegs have been washed and filled with clean drinking water by our brewers for the protesters. Its our way of lending support to provide the basic necessities, a little something special from the boys in Brooklyn. We figured fresh water on tap is a lot better than thousands of plastic bottles. And once the kegs are returned to the brewery, we can simply clean them and fill them right back up. Its a zero-waste solution while providing a service.

It’s nice to see a business sticking its neck out, even in the liberal Brooklyn craft scene, for something it believes in. After all, plenty of Wall Street bankers drink beer. We just hope this spawns a brand-new beer after this is all over. OccuPi(lsner)? We Are the 99% ABV?