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Dish No. 5: Shio Ramen at Tabata | Village Voice


Dish No. 5: Shio Ramen at Tabata


Save for the Best Things to Eat in Penn Station, not a lot of tasty grub can be found in the 30s on the Far West Side. So we were excited when we chanced upon Tabata, a new ramen shop at 540 Ninth Avenue (212-290-7691). The menu offers a range of noodle soups, plus a selection of standard apps and entrées. We enjoyed all of the ramen we sampled there recently, though the shio, or salt-flavored one, sticks out for its pure simplicity.

The broth in this dish is made with chicken bones, unlike the pork-based broths you see at many other spots. Tender cubes of chicken, plus bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, and a showering of scallion completes the dish. It isn’t as complicated or fancy as the other available ramens, but sometimes — especially on those brisk evenings — you just want a bowl of chicken noodle soup. This is that bowl.

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