Golfer Wins His Weight in Ham After Hitting Hole-in-One


There are good days, there are great days, and then there are days like the one Scottish golfer Elliot Saltman had Friday at the Bankia Madrid Masters tournament in Spain. Saltman drained a hole-in-one on the 204-yard third hole and won the glorious prize–his own body weight in ham. That’s 238 pounds of cured and salted pork product to call his own. Other holes at the tournament yield a car or a watch to any golfer who sinks their tee shot, but Elliot Saltman hit the jackpot by doing so on the third hole. After winning the sporting world’s single most cherished prize, Saltman said, “I’ve been trying to lose weight, but now I’m thinking I should have just kept it.”

Hitting a hole-in-one is perhaps the greatest feeling a golfer can experience, and to be awarded more than 200 pounds of ham afterward must feel like having an orgasm while winning Jeopardy.

Saltman hit two holes-in-one at the Wales Open in June, but there was no ham involved.

Saltman is 13 shots behind tournament leader Lee Slattery, but he has 238 more pounds of ham than him. Slattery said, “It’s great to be on top but I hope Elliot’s going to send me some ham when we get home.”

Get your own ham, Lee.

Saltman brings home the bacon in Madrid [Reuters]

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