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Mitt Romney Not a Christian, Says Mega-Christian With Megachurch


Robert Jeffress, the evangelical megachurch pastor who introduced Rick Perry at the Voter Values Summit yesterday, has publicly questioned Mitt Romney’s faith. Politico reports that when asked whether Mitt Romney was a Christian, Jeffress said, “No.” Jeffress added, “That is a mainstream view, that Mormonism is a cult.” Jeffress did say that he was “in no way speaking for [Perry],” but the Perry camp is swiftly distancing themselves from the Baptist pastor. If they need a ranch where they can hide from him, I think Perry might have a hook-up.

Politico reports that Perry’s campaign spokesman Robert Black “said that the campaign didn’t choose Jeffress to introduce Perry and does not share his view of Mormonism.” During his speech, Rick Perry said the following about Robert Jeffress:

And Pastor Jeffress, I want to thank you for a rousing introduction. He – he knocked it out of the park, as we – we like to say. And – and a fellow who on any given Sunday is working with 10,000 Texans in his – in his church. So I just again want to say thank you to quite a leader.

Pastor Jeffress did give Romney a compliment, however, saying that he’s “a fine family person.” Too bad, because he also said, “I just do not believe that we as conservative Christians can expect him to stand strong for the issues that are important to us.”

So, Mitt Romney is a family person, but isn’t a Christian. This is confusing. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of other things Mitt Romney isn’t:

  • Will and Grace star Debra Messing
  • Eleven feet tall
  • Your dad*
  • Inventor of the PupSTEP Plus
  • Made of rich Corinthian leather
  • Able to write with his feet
  • Baptist

*Not applicable if you are Tagg Romney, Matt Romney, Josh Romney, Ben Romney, or Craig Romney

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