September Jobs Numbers Disappoint; Solyndra Loan Controversy; Cuomo to Pledge State Contracts


American employers added jobs in September, but not nearly enough to spur optimism. The New York Times reports there was a net growth of 103,000 jobs last month. Interestingly, “about a third of the jobs added by the private sector last month were actually 45,000 Verizon workers who had been on strike during August and were simply returning to work.” The unemployment rate held steady at 9.1%, with 14 million Americans searching for work. [NYT]

Warnings about failed government-backed energy company Solyndra came from within the Obama administration, and one Energy Department adviser allegedly overstepped his bounds with the company. The Washington Post reports that DOE stimulus adviser Steve Spinner “pushed for Solyndra’s loan despite having recused himself because his wife’s law firm did work for the company.” Solyndra received a $535 million loan that was structured to be paid by taxpayers first and not the initial investors. The Treasury also recommended that the deal be reviewed by the Justice Department, but “that never happened.” [Washington Post]

Governor Cuimo looks to increase the amount of state contracts to businesses owned by minorities and women. The Daily News reports Cuomo plans to increase “the share of state contracts awarded to minority and women-run businesses to 20%, up from 10.3% last year.” Sources also told the paper that Cuomo “vowed to increase funding for affordable housing and his housing boss committed to creating an urban entrepreneurial fund.” [NYDN]

The Simpsons will be renewed for at least two more seasons. Pay disputes threatened to end the show after its 24th season, but Fox has renewed the series for both its 24th and 25th seasons. CNN reports, “It is widely expected that the show’s producers and voice-actors will go home with less dough than they had in their previous contract.” [CNN]

It’s expected to be a gorgeous sunny day today, with highs in the seventies. [TWC]

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