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Protesters Clash With Guards at Air and Space Museum; Al-Awlaki Memo; Paul McCartney to Wed


Protesters in D.C. tried to enter the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum yesterday, resulting in the pepper spraying of at least one demonstrator and the closing of the museum. The Washington Post reports about 200 people tried to enter the building to protest “against the U.S. military’s use of drones in overseas wars.” The Post reports that the protesters consisted of demonstrators from Occupy DC, an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and another group called October 2011. One protester was pepper sprayed after a guard was reportedly pushed “up against a wall.” D.C. and Park Police were called to intervene. The museum reopens today. [Washington Post]

The 50-page memo drafted to assert the legality of killing Al Qaeda leader and American citizen Anwar Al-Awlaki reportedly stated that fatal force could only be used if he couldn’t be taken alive. The New York Times says that this is because “intelligence agencies said he was taking part in the war between the United States and Al Qaeda and posed a significant threat to Americans, as well as because Yemeni authorities were unable or unwilling to stop him.” The Obama administration has “refused to acknowledge or discuss its role in the drone strike.” [NYT]

Paul McCartney will reportedly marry American Nancy Shevell today in London. Shevell was married to a New York attorney for 20 years and she serves on the board of the MTA. NPR reports she is “a vice president of a New Jersey-based trucking company owned by her father.” Although the two have not announced their plans, “a tent had…been set up at McCartney’s house nearby in the St. John’s Wood neighborhood, and party decorations and champagne were delivered.” This will be McCartney’s third marriage. [NPR]

A volcanic eruption alert has been issued for the Canary Islands. Scientists have discovered “almost 10,000 small tremors recorded in the past three months” at the tourist hotspot. The AP reports “the island’s 11,000 residents have been told to monitor communications by the civil protection authority.” [AP]

It’s going to be a gorgeous day today with highs in the mid-eighties. Get outside, get out of here. [TWC]

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