Slavoj Žižek to Speak at Occupy Wall Street Today


Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek will speak at the Occupy Wall Street protests today at noon. Last night, the Occupy Wall Street twitter account said, “Supposedly Zizek is coming to speak tomorrow at liberty plaza. Only a rumor though.Shock Doctrine author Naomi Klein replied to their tweet with, “I’m with him now and it is true. Noon!” Our requests to the organizers for confirmation have not been returned, but their website lists his appearance on today’s agenda for 12 p.m. It says he will be speaking “by the Red Thing” as part of the open forum.

Žižek is a world-renowned philosopher, critical theorist, academic, and one-time copywriter for the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. He is probably the most eloquent and well-versed critic of modern globalization and capitalism, and he has earned the title, “The most dangerous philosopher in the West,” from The New Republic. But that’s only the stuff they put on the back covers of his books. Go to Liberty Plaza at noon if you want to hear him for yourself.

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