Flatulence Hits Off-Broadway In A Big Way


You’ve already seen shit on Broadway, but now you can go Off-Broadway for some far more lovely farting.

And it’s done artistically, even more so than in the gay porn film Farts!, which I wrote about last year after having eaten Mexican.

You see, The Fartiste, a musical comedy that won an award at the Fringe Festival several years ago, will open at Sofia’s Downstairs (221 West 46th Street), with previews starting October 13.

It’s based on the true story of Joseph Pujol, “whose musical derriere propelled him to being the highest-paid performer at the Moulin Rouge in the 1890s.”

And when they say propelled, they really mean it.

His talent shot him butt first to center stage, as people simultaneously cheered and ducked.

I guess he put the “can” back in “cancan.”

Anyway, check it out. Don’t be an old fart. It’s a gas. Two thumbs up — the nose.

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