Heartbreak Closes After Getting Michelin Star


Remember last week when the Michelin New York 2012 guide was released and everyone was like, “Um, what is Heartbreak?” Apparently it was a great restaurant that nobody tried because today Florence Fabricant reports that the restaurant has officially called it quits.

Earlier, Eater had reported that the space was closed for renovations, but, alas, it looks like owner Ingrid Roettele will never get to capitalize on her Michelin star.

Why Heartbreak never gained momentum is a mystery. Our very own Robert Sietsema gave it a positive review back in March, calling the sauerbraten “a magnificent hunk of boneless beef rib the size of a sea-rail shipping container” and the pork belly “supremely flavorful.” A New York Times dining brief also gave the restaurant good marks, although the last line of the write-up proved to be sadly prescient: “Let’s hope Ms. Roettele’s reputation draws in diners; it would be heartbreaking if this appealing place remained half empty.”

Perhaps it was the uninviting exterior? Blaring neon lights and blacked-out windows aren’t exactly the most welcoming sign to passing diners. Hopefully Roettele can find success elsewhere in the city.