How to Use Your iPhone in Westchester


Here is a fellow casually talking on his old-world landline, which is attached to his new-world iPhone. Remember landlines, how good they felt next to your ear, how solid and sturdy and there? We were so young and innocent then! Don’t you want to relive those days? This guy does.

This phone apparatus, sighted at a Metro-North station in Westchester, has all the clunky awkwardness you used to know and love, and is probably also preventative against brain cancer to boot. We find ourselves very nearly wanting one.

And, just like that, here’s one available on Amazon! From the product description:

Imagine the reaction you’ll get while walking down the street, talking on an old-fashioned phone! Simply plug the handset into your cell phone with 1 of the five adaptors and prepare to turn heads! It’s got a one-touch button allowing you to answer and hang up calls plus a volume control slider built right into it

Our caller apparently got the device on eBay for $25. We see this look totally happening for fall, in Metro-North stations near you. Heads will turn!

Update: We’ve been hearing reports of these things seen around the city. Please, send us your tales.

h/t: @LilEsBella

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