Occupy Wall Street Eyeing Tompkins Square Park


Occupy Wall Street has been camping out in the Financial District for over three weeks now. They’re starting to spread out, though; this past weekend they held a rally at Washington Square Park and they’re reportedly eyeing Tompkins Square Park as a protesting location as well. A picnic is planned there for noon on Saturday, followed by a General Assembly.

We attended the goings-on at Washington Square Park this past weekend, where hundreds of people apart from the core Zuccotti crew were in the house. The General Assembly at WSP was shorter and had a more promotional vibe; the various OWS working groups set up stations and received visitors after the meeting. It’s rumored that the occupation is looking to set up shop elsewhere in the city as its numbers swell, and Washington Square Park and Tompkins Square Park appear to be contenders for this.

But apart from space concerns, the protesters don’t have much of an incentive to leave Zuccotti: Mayor Bloomberg has said that he will let the protesters stay indefinitely, though he thinks the cold weather will get them out in the end.

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