Park Slope Sex Attacker Strikes Again; Last Night’s Groping Is 12th Crime Since March


A woman was assaulted on Vanderbilt Street in Windsor Terrace last night, and cops say it’s the work of one of the men behind the string of sexual attacks in south Brooklyn since March. A DCPI detective confirmed that the incident fit the pattern of the other attacks. This one is the 12th in the series, which includes one rape and is thought to be the work of more than one suspect.

The attack happened shortly before midnight. The suspect approached the 20-something victim from behind, groping her. She screamed and he fled towards East 3rd Street.

Police have increased their presence in the area in recent months, though they’ve also been criticized for not catching the guy(s) yet and for being insensitive towards some of the women they’re protecting. This criminal is proving difficult to nab; it doesn’t help that no one knows exactly how many suspects there are and that the descriptions of the suspect(s) are very vague.

Community efforts to keep area women safe have sprung up in the last month or so, including a “Take Back Our Streets” rally and programs to provide bike patrols and walks home to women and LGBTQ people walking alone.


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