Steve Jobs Shrine at the Meatpacking Apple Store Is Still Going Strong


In the five days since Steve Jobs’ death, Apple stores across the city have been filling up with impromptu tributes in the form of Post-it notes, half-eaten apples, and flowers. At the Meatpacking District location, every window in the three-story store is now full of dedications to Steve Jobs. The general tone is split between grief for a great man, and thanks for all the cool stuff he made.

Note now-famous slogans like “think different” and “stay hungry.” Some saw Jobs as a liberal icon (“I loved when you told Bill Gates he should have taken acid”); others lionized him as a titan of industry (“Businessmen are heroes”). While many notes aim for casually witty (“You are the (Apple logo) of my i,” “iCon,” etc.), the best ones are the most personal: “Thanks Mr. Jobs for making the iPad easy enuf (sic) for grandparents to use,” one read.

Our personal favorite combines a nearly poetic simplicity with one of the reasons why Jobs’ death has elicited such an outpouring in the first place: “The first time I enjoyed using a computer, I was a kid and it was a Mac. Thank you.”

We’ve called to figure out how long the shrine will be allowed to stay there and will update if we hear more.

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