Subway to Install Touch-and-Go Pay System; Have Terrorists Distracted Us from Food Safety?


Sbarro, which filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year, has now filed an amended reorganization plan that aims for the company to exit bankruptcy before the end of the year.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Subway plans to install a contact-less payment system at more than 7,000 U.S. locations, which will allow customers to pay using smartphones and cards.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Sure, 5,600 restaurant jobs were created in 2010, but restaurateurs still say that business is tough these days.
[NY Daily News]

Lisa Fain, whose blog Homesick Texan has earned her fans around the food world, now has her own cookbook.
[NY Daily News]

Curious why so many food-borne illnesses have plagued the U.S. lately? Apparently, authorities have been too busy since 9/11 looking for terrorists to notice tainted foods.

The latest food scandal in China involves Walmart stores fraudulently labeling ordinary pork as more expensive organic pork.
[Wall Street Journal]