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Add ‘Men’s Gay Costume Wig’ To Your List of Questionable Halloween Ideas


Joining the pantheon of groan-inducing 2011 Halloween costumes, which already includes an anatomically incorrect Anthony Weiner outfit and an Anna Rexia eating disorder getup, is this gem. The “Men’s Gay Costume Wig” allows you to dress up…like someone’s idea of a gay man. Only $14.99!

Amusingly, people are trolling the customer reviews, much like what happened with the Three Wolf Moon shirt:

This item is not just for Halloween. This cute little number is my go-to wig for any time I want to be gay for a night. I got the disco shades and smooth fake mustache, too. The whole ensemble is highly recommended. It makes me feel so liberated! And the best part is, I can take it off in the morning, and it’s like nothing ever happened. Nothing, you hear me?


Then I saw this gay wig and thought, why not? I put on this wig and suddenly all I can think is gay, gay, gay. I’m wearing rainbow flags and I’ve learned all the words to Cabaret in a week. Now, my dream has finally come true! Thank you! You saved my life!

And apparently some guy used it to dress up like Geraldo Rivera.

We haven’t yet been able to reach Amazon for comment, but in the meantime, wow! Happy Halloween. We’ll be staying in.

[via BuzzFeed and the eagle-eyed Michael Musto]

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