‘Crafting With Cat Hair’: A Book That Exists


Are you a cat owner that’s covered in cat hair all the time? Now you can put all of it to good use by making little finger puppets and decorations out of it.

Crafting With Cat Hair was first published in Japan in 2009 and it’s just been translated and released in the U.S. America needed more solutions for its growing cat hair crisis, and also more tiny puppets and change purses.

How does one work with the cat hair?

In the very first project, Tsutaya shows us how to make felt with cat hair, beginning with how you brush it from the cat. Wrapping layers and then shaping the material with soap and water give us a solid piece of cat hair fabric, which we’ve made in the shape of a finger puppet as we go.

The other technique involves needle felting with cat hair, which is how many of the objects are decorated. Tsutaya also has instructions for cleaning and caring for the finished crafts.

Some of the little knickknacks are admittedly kind of cute, though they would make this blogger sneeze endlessly if we were in the same room.

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