New York

Fastest Delivery In NYC!


Ever wait so long for a food delivery that you start wondering if you could have made the Peking duck faster yourself?

Well, I’ve found a restaurant that zips your order over to you faster than lightning — and they get it right, too.

A friend and I recently ordered from Mee Noodle Shop & Grill — which has several branches around the city — and were stunned to find the stuff arrive in a mere 11 minutes.

What kind of wonderful drugs are these people on? (Maybe it’s just MSG?)

The other day, we ordered from there again, and they actually broke their own record, the food appearing at my doorstep a mere 10 minutes after we hung up the phone!

And there was no missing Snapple, no spring rolls instead of egg rolls, no lo mein instead of chow fun, and no pickled pork at all.

It was perfection.

Baby, I always said “I love me,” but these days I’m amending that to “I love Mee!”

Wham, bam, thank you, Mee.

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