New York

Guy Rides Outside of Moving J Train, to the Amusement of Passengers


Here is a rather awful video in which a guy rides on the J train by clinging to the exterior of it. Clearly, this is neither recommended nor acceptable. On one hand, we would give this guy a Darwin Award, because he is quite possibly not long for this world. On the other hand, how pissed would you be if someone was doing this outside of your subway car and you had to watch him, fearing that he would plummet to his death or be squished and not only would you have to see it happen, but also, you would probably be delayed and have no recourse in terms of paying your therapy bills?

Given the pleasure the audience in the car seems to get from this, it’s, of course, possible this is some kind of stunt. Well, it’s definitely some kind of stunt. Or, “he’s a professional.” That’s it.

We did not expressly forbid this in our prior discussion of how to behave on the subway, so we will here. This is not what you should do, ever. As Gothamist points out, you can totally die from this, which makes it considerably less amusing — to us, anyway. This is also a crime, not that the guy cares. And there’s a name for it: Skylarking.

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